Superior, Effective Criminal Defense Representation

For superior, effective criminal defense representation in Georgia, contact Brunswick Criminal Defense Attorney Jason Clark. Here is an overview of the cases he typically oversees.

For superior, effective criminal defense representation in Georgia, contact Brunswick Criminal Defense Attorney Jason Clark. Here is an overview of the cases he typically oversees.

Criminal charges can be as stressful and scary as they may be damaging to your reputation, your career and possibly even your future. While you may find yourself facing criminal charges after making a mistake or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it is also not uncommon for criminal charges to result from mistakes made by police, violations of people’s rights or misinterpretations of the evidence.

Regardless of how criminal charges arose, however, those accused of a misdemeanor or felony offense should remember that:

  • They have rights, and they are presumed innocent until proven guilty.
  • Retaining an experienced defense lawyer as soon as possible can be the key to a strong defense and the best possible outcome to their case.

For more than a decade, Brunswick Criminal Defense Attorney Jason Clark has been providing the accused with superior defense representation in state and federal courts. Known for his experience, dedication and skills, Jason Clark is ready to ardently advocate your rights and help you favorably resolve your criminal case. His goal is to help you obtain the best possible resolution so you can move on and focus on the future.

The Criminal Defense Practice at Jason Clark, P.C.

At Jason Clark, P.C., our criminal defense practice is focused on providing those accused of crimes with zealous legal advocacy throughout the entirety of their case. Just some of the specific cases that Attorney Jason Clark has a record of successfully resolving include (but are not limited to) those that involve:

  • Murder & manslaughter charges – Carrying the potential for decades in prison, if not death, murder and manslaughter charges are some of the most serious charges that can be filed against someone. Revealing reasonable doubt and any evidentiary problems, however, can help strengthen these defense cases.
  • Misdemeanor charges – Though less serious than felony offenses, misdemeanors can still come with some costly and damaging penalties, making it important to have a strong defense against these charges.
  • Assault & battery charges – Filed when threats or acts of physical harm are allegedly committed against one or more victims, assault and battery charges can be “simple” or “aggravated,” with the most serious cases carrying the potential penalty of 20 years in prison. Attorney Jason Clark is skilled at defending people against both simple and aggravated assault & battery charges.
  • Domestic violence charges – Also referred to as family violence cases, domestic violence cases can come with harsh penalties, protective orders and long-term damage to your reputation, freedom, and future. Attorney Jason Clark knows how to help those accused of family violence explain their side of the story in court to obtain the best possible resolutions to these cases.
  • Drug crime charges – Although even misdemeanor drug crime charges can turn people’s lives upside down even before the case goes to court, Attorney Jason Clark can help mitigate the possible impacts of these charges by building the accused the strongest possible defense case.
  • Theft crime charges – While misdemeanor theft charges can result in a year in jail upon conviction, a conviction on felony theft charges can land someone in prison for as much as 10 to 15 years, depending on what was stolen items were. The good news for those accused of theft crimes in Georgia is that, with Attorney Jason Clark on their side, they can bring their case to the best possible outcomes.
  • Criminal appeals – Appeals cases can be far more complicated than criminal trials. And their outcomes can be far more critical, especially considering the fact that appeals are limited. Put your appeal in Attorney Jason Clark’s experienced hands to position it for success.

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To find out more about your defense options and how Brunswick Criminal Defense Attorney Jason Clark can help you, contact our firm today by calling (912) 264-1999 or by emailing the firm via the contact form on this page. With more than 10 years of experience litigating criminal cases, including death penalty cases, Jason Clark has the insight you can rely on for vigorous legal advocacy throughout the course of your case.

From offices based in Brunswick, Attorney Jason Clark provides superior defense representation to clients throughout Brunswick, Darien, St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, Woodbine, Kingsland, St. Mary’s, Glynn County, McIntosh County, Camden County, the state of Georgia, and the U.S.

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