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For well over a decade, Glynn County Attorney Jason Clark has been successfully protecting his clients’ rights and advancing their interests in various types of criminal and family law cases. Known for providing vigorous legal advocacy, Attorney Jason Clark has the insight, skills and resources you can count on for:

  • Exceptional representation throughout the course of your case
  • Personal legal services that are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals
  • The best possible outcomes to your case.

DUI charges can jeopardize your personal and professional life, possibly compromising your reputation, career and even freedom. Although DUI charges can be distressing, understanding your defense options can be the key to taking the right steps as soon as possible to:

• Effectively fight the charges
• Mitigate their potential impact(s) on your life.

Since 2004, Attorney Jason Clark has been helping the accused craft the strongest possible defense for various types of DUI charges and cases, including (but not necessarily limited to) those involving:

• First-time and subsequent DUIs
• Drug-related DUIs
• DUIs for commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders
• Underage DUIs
• Felony DUIs
• DUIs involving car accidents, property damage, injuries and/or fatalities
• DUIs involving other criminal charges (such as hit-and-run, driving on a suspended license, etc.).

In addition to providing DUI defense services, Glynn County Attorney Jason Clark also represents people accused of other misdemeanor and felony offenses, including (but not necessarily exclusive to):

Assault and battery
Domestic violence
Drug crimes

Skilled at protecting the rights of the accused in state and federal courts, Attorney Jason Clark is also experienced at mounting criminal appeals and litigating death penalty cases. His primary goals are to help the accused:

• Navigate the intricacies of the criminal justice system
• Mount and present the strongest possible defense case
• Bring their case to the best possible resolution so they can put their legal issues behind them and move on with their lives.

Family legal issues can be as emotionally stressful as they are financially draining. Whether you may be dealing with the end of your marriage, custody disputes or other family legal issues, Glynn County Attorney Jason Clark can help you protect your rights and interests while working diligently to secure you favorable, cost-effective resolutions.

Some of the various types of family law cases Attorney Jason Clark is experienced at handling include (but are not necessarily limited to):

• Divorce, including high-net-worth divorce cases, divorce involving hidden assets, etc.
• Divorce involving allegations of domestic violence (or other abuse)
• Legal separations and annulments
• Child custody disputes, including those involving paternity issues
• Disputes related to support payments (including spousal support and child support)
• Post-divorce modifications.

In any legal setting – including in mediation, court hearings and trial, Attorney Jason Clark can provide you with the personal service and zealous advocacy necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes to your family legal matters.

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