DUI Convictions in Georgia: An Overview of the Possible Penalties

DUI charges can come with some serious, lasting consequences in the event of conviction. From the loss of driving privileges to expensive fines and possibly even jail time, DUI penalties can be harsh and costly, and they can continue to impact people for years into the future.

At Jason Clark, P.C., our Brunswick DUI lawyer, Jason Clark, understands how overwhelming DUI charges and penalties can be – and that good people can find themselves on the wrong side of the law after mistakes have been made or just because they end up being in wrong place at the wrong time. That is why Jason Clark is committed to vigorously defending drivers accused of DUI, helping them craft the strongest possible case so they can:

  • Minimize the chances of conviction
  • Resolve their case as favorably as possible
  • Protect their reputation, career, freedom and future.

Misdemeanor versus Felony DUI Charges in Georgia

In Georgia, DUI charges can be filed as misdemeanor or felony charges, depending on whether:

  • The accused driver has any prior DUI convictions
  • The alleged drunk driving incident involved an accident, injuries and/or death (i.e., aggravating circumstances).

While misdemeanor DUI charges are generally filed for first, second and/or third DUI cases in Georgia that do not involve any aggravating circumstances, a fourth DUI case – or any DUI case that involves aggravating circumstances – can be associated with felony charges.

Georgia DUI Penalties

The following table presents the range of potential court-ordered penalties that can be imposed when Georgia DUI cases end in conviction.

DUI Offense Incarceration Fines Other Penalties
1st DUI 24 hours to 1 year (jail) $300 to $1,000 Driver’s license suspension of up to 1 year
Community service
Alcohol education classes
2nd DUI 3 days to 1 year (jail) $600 to $1,000 Driver’s license suspension of up to 3 years
Community service
Alcohol education classes
Possible IID* required (at the court’s discretion)
3rd DUI 15 days to 1 year (jail) $1,000 to $5,000 Driver’s license suspension of up to 5 years
Community service
Alcohol education classes
IID required

*IID = Ignition Interlock Device

Additional Important Information about Georgia DUI Penalties

Chemical Test Refusals
If motorists refused to submit to blood alcohol testing (BAC testing) during the DUI stop, they will face automatic fines and penalties. This is because these refusals will constitute a violation of the Georgia implied consent law. Depending on whether drivers have prior refusals, the driver’s license suspensions in these cases can range from 1 to 5 years.

DUI Defense Options
All of the information presented above can be scary; however, people accused of DUI should remember that there can be various defense options in their case, depending on the details. This makes it is critical for the accused to retain an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible following a DUI arrest so they can protect their rights and position their case for the best possible outcome.

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