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Domestic violence charges can tear families apart. For those accused of the offense, however, the potential damage can extend to their reputations, careers and possibly even their freedom.

At The Law Office of Jason Clark P.C., our Brunswick defense attorneys understand how devastating the impacts of domestic violence charges can be and that, in some cases, these charges can stem from embittered exes, mistakes or being at the wrong place at the wrong time. That is why The Law Office of Jason Clark P.C. is dedicated to vigorously defending those accused of domestic violence and working tirelessly to help them resolve these cases as favorably as possible.

Georgia Domestic Violence Law: The Family Violence Act

Georgia law defines domestic violence offenses as acts of “family violence.” In other words, any violent act against someone defined by the law as “family” can result in a domestic violence or family violence charge.

Here, it should be noted that:

  • Family” is defined by the Georgia Family Violence Act as being any person who has lived with or who is currently living with the accused individual, in the same household. Specifically, this can include (but may not be limited to) spouses, exes, children, siblings, and parents.
  • Violent acts,” per this law, can include (but are by no means limited) assault, battery, sexual abuse, criminal trespassing, unlawful restraint, stalking and even criminal property damage.

When the above two factors are allegedly involved in a given case, the accused person will be charged with violent offense in question – rather than facing “domestic violence” charges. However, the potential penalties for family violence cases can be far harsher, possibly adding years onto prison sentences (in the event of conviction).

Georgia Family Violence Cases

More Important Information:

Although some states have mandatory arrest laws for domestic violence cases, in Georgia, the officer(s) responding to a family violence call will have the discretion to make (or not make) an arrest after evaluating the situation. Officers cannot, however, threaten to arrest everyone involved if an alleged victim is trying to prevent officers from making an arrest or carrying out an investigation.
Temporary emergency protective orders can be issued against those accused of domestic violence very soon after an arrest. While a hearing will usually take place 30 days after temporary protective orders are issued, if they are converted to “permanent” protective orders, they can last for up to one year (or three years, upon requests for extensions).
Failing to abide by the terms of protective orders can result in new criminal charges, which are usually misdemeanors (unless the violation itself also involved another offense like, for instance stalking, or unless the individual has a history of violating these types of orders).

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